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The fastest car sale you can make of your electric car in Europe

How it works:

Submit your car

We have created a form that you can access here that asks you the relevant questions that we need.

We are asking the minimum number of questions that we need in order to give you a fair price that will be higher than what you can get anywhere else (taking into account that we also pick-up the car at your private address which saves you time and money from having to transport it).

NOTE: Remember to read the instructions for the car pictures. E.g. the car plates needs to be visible on the pictures in order for us to take you request seriously.

Also remember to enter the kilometers that you expect the car to have by the pick-up date.

Receive an offer

Once you have asked all relevant questions, and uploaded the right pictures of your car, we can properly assess the value of the car.

We aim to give you an offer as quickly as possible but sometimes it can last as long as 2 weeks since every case is handled individually. The offer is based on that the provided information is true and the car remains in the same condition.

After having received the offer, you have three days to accept the price being offered before the offer vanishes.

Return relevant information and documents

When we have agreed to the price, we have, in the email with the offer, written which documents we need in order to make the transaction as fast as possible. You will have to fill out the contract with the agreed price.

Together with the contract is an official document which is used for us to certify for the authorities that the car has a new owner in a foreign EU country. This document must be filled out and dated with the same date as when you received the payment. 

  • In addition, we need a picture of your ID/Passport, Bank Details RIB/IBAN, registration papers, and an official document showing that the car is privately owned with no debt. 

Receive payment

When we have received all the right documents, we start the transaction process and register it as a sale. This means that you cannot cancel the transaction anymore, since the payment will be processed and we will look for a new owner to your car.

You can expect to have the money on your account within 3 working days. We guarantee that you will receive the full amount offered in the quickest way possible by bank transfer. In case you are not familiar with the application, we will make you a wire transfer. We have never canceled a transaction and all our customers have always received the promised amount.

Prepare pick-up

Now that you have received the payment, you can start deregistering your car to the local authorities and let them know that the car has been sold to a foreign owner in Denmark.

  • Please visit either the french og german page for more information about how to deregister your car.
  • If you are selling a Tesla, make sure that you have disconnected the car from your Tesla account. You can find more information about how to disconnect your Tesla from your account here

At this point, it should not be possible to have any debt or loan in the car, but if you do, then make sure that any remaining debt in the car has been paid back. 


After the money has been sent to your bank account, we will get in touch with the transport company to set up a suitable pick-up date. As soon as we know the pick-up date, we will communicate that to you. It can take 2-14 days after the payment before the truck arrives.

The truck company operates within working hours, which requires that someone you trust is at your address to hand over the keys and the car. While waiting for the truck, please make sure that the car is not listed in your name anymore to the authorities.

Before the truck arrives, the car must be deregistered, and the registration papers must be placed in the glove compartment.

The truck driver just needs to receive two car keys and access to the car before taking it to Denmark. The truck driver will drive the car onto the truck, and you are free from any potential damages that could occur during the transportation. 

Required documents

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Required actions

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Guides to selling your car

Frequently asked questions

Do we accept a car that is being leased?

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Unfortunately, we do not accept cars that are currently being leased.

This is because we would need to purchase the car from the leasing company without VAT, which is not a viable option for us.

Who will drive my car onto the truck?

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Our professional truck driver will be responsible for driving your car onto the truck.

All you need to do is provide them with your two sets of keys, registration papers, and the car itself. They will take care of the rest. As for the legal signatures and documentation, those will be handled seamlessly via email between you and EV-Remarketing.

How old does a car need to be before we can buy it?

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An electric car must be at least 6 months old and have a minimum of 6.000 kilometers on the odometer before we can purchase it. This requirement is due to an EU law regarding Value Added Tax (VAT). By following this law, we avoid double taxation, enabling us to provide you with the best possible price for your car.

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