Guides to selling your car

Over the years, we have experienced a series of requests and questions from our community that we are trying to address with a blog post. Below, you will find different articles aiming to help you during the transaction process or just to inform on a certain topic.

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Frequently asked questions

Do we accept a car that is being leased?
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Unfortunately, we do not accept cars that are currently being leased.

This is because we would need to purchase the car from the leasing company without VAT, which is not a viable option for us.

Who will drive my car onto the truck?
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Our professional truck driver will be responsible for driving your car onto the truck.

All you need to do is provide them with your two sets of keys, registration papers, and the car itself. They will take care of the rest. As for the legal signatures and documentation, those will be handled seamlessly via email between you and EV-Remarketing.

How old does a car need to be before we can buy it?
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An electric car must be at least 6 months old and have a minimum of 6.000 kilometers on the odometer before we can purchase it. This requirement is due to an EU law regarding Value Added Tax (VAT). By following this law, we avoid double taxation, enabling us to provide you with the best possible price for your car.

Do we accept the car if it is registered in the name of the company?
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Yes, we do accept cars registered under a company's name.

However, please note that the transaction must allow us to purchase the car without VAT/TVA.

I want to buy an electric car and sell it in 6 months - how much do you offer?
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We appreciate your interest in selling your electric car to us.

However, it's not practical for us to provide an accurate price estimate so far in advance. The market constantly evolves, and the final offer will depend on factors such as the car's condition, extra features, and mileage at the time of sale.

To get a more precise evaluation, we kindly suggest contacting us 2-3 weeks before you're ready to sell your car.

As a note, popular features in the secondary market include tow hitch and adaptive cruise control.

As a car retailer, how should I handle business TVA?
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For matters related to business TVA, we recommend consulting with your own tax advisor. They can provide you with the appropriate guidance tailored to your specific situation.

Will the exchange of the "certificat de cession" (cerfa N°15776*01) be physically done on the day of pick up?
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The exchange of the "certificat de cession" will not be done physically on the day of pick up.

Instead, it will be handled via email.

Use the date when you received the payment and send the document to the government when the car departs.

When should I take off the plates?
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We recommend removing the plates one day before the truck is scheduled to arrive for the pick-up.

What number of mileage should be written in the contract? Does it need to be the exact same number as used?
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The mileage written in the contract doesn't have to be the exact same number as displayed in the car. Instead, you should write the number you expect to drive before removing the plates. Exceeding the written number by 10-50 km can be acceptable, but only after an agreement with EV-Remarketing.

We strive for all our contracts to be 100% accurate in terms of kilometers driven, as you are added to our systems based on the information provided. The deal is only 100% confirmed when we sign the contract after verifying that there are no mistakes.

Please note that the contract may be voided if the mileage or model doesn't match the car you are selling. EV-Remarketing reserves the right to cancel the contract if any of these terms are not met.

Which date should I write on the "certificat de cession" contract?
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You should write the date on which you received the payment for your vehicle.

At what level shall the battery be charged on the day of the pick-up?
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Please ensure that the battery is charged to around 80% on the day of the pick-up.

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