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Danish family business promoting the electric car. We are working to make this industry more transparent and, above all, more accessible. We deal with the purchase and sale of electric and hybrid vehicles all over Scandinavia.

Instead of your selling your electric vehicle to retailers at the lowest price possible or waiting in uncertainty by dealing with other private buyers, we would like to offer you the golden middle way. We offer you a quick sale at a fair price above your normal retail offer. With over 6 years of experience in buying and selling electric cars across the European Union, we have gathered expertise and insights to always know the fair market value.

Press mentions

Vox Automobil
EV-Remarketing is being interviewed by Vox Autobil to answer what is happening on the secondary EV market and why we are buying from abroad.
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EV-Remarketing was interviewed by Autohaus to comment on the inflow of electro cars being sold to Denmark.
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Meet the family company

We operate under mutual trust and transparency to ensure fair conditions. We value integrity, respect for other people and care for our planet. Let us together make the world more sustainable!

Photography of the team member
Simon Hilligsø
Head of purchasing and sales
+45 22 18 31 67 (english only)
Photography of the team member
Claus Jensen
+45 22 63 30 71 (english only)
Photography of the team member
Helle Hilligsø
Head of customer service
Photography of the team member
Jesper Grerup
Project manager / Customer service
+45 41 21 23 13 (english only)
Photography of the team member
Iben Hilligsø
Customer service / Finance

We are specialized on the second-hand
electric vehicle market

2000+ cars

Is the amount of cars we have bought in 2023.

10 years

of experience in buying and selling electric vehicles.

50+ partners

are the car retailers that helps us find a new owner for your electric car.

Excellent experience reselling my TM3 with Simon 👌 price, explanations, logistics and availability.

I will not hesitate to contact EV-Remarketing again, when I decide to sell my Model X.

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Thinking about upgrading your electric car?

If you're thinking about upgrading your electric car, now is the time to take advantage of the high demand and strong market in the Nordics.

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