Guides to selling your car

Over the years, we have experienced a series of requests and questions from our community that we are trying to address with a blog post. Below, you will find different articles aiming to help you during the transaction process or just to inform on a certain topic.

Frequently asked questions

Do we accept a car that is being leased?
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Because then we have to buy it from the leasing company without VAT.

Who will drive my car onto the truck?
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It will be the truck driver. You just need to give him your two sets of keys, registration papers, and the car, and he will take car of the rest. All legal signatures for the documents will be handled by email between you and EV-Remarketing.

Do we accept the car if it is registered in the name of the company?
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Yes we do, but it requires that we can buy without VAT/TVA.

I want to buy an electric car and sell it in 6 months - how much do you offer?
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This is possible and some people do it, but it is unfortunately not possible to give you a price in advance. The market keeps changing, and it will depend on the condition of the car, extra equipment, and mileage. We suggest you get back to us 2-3 weeks before you are ready to sell.

We cannot tell you which car will give you the highest price, but popular cars which are experiencing a shortage supply is a good option. Therefore, Mercedes EQC and EQA, Audi Q4 e-tron, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, BMW i4 eDrive and iX xDrive, are all examples of cars, beginning of 2022, that will not depreciate a lot in price.

Regarding extra equipment, tow hitch and adaptive cruise control are popular on the secondary market.

As a car retailer, how to handle business TVA?
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This needs to be dealt with by your own tax advisor.

The exchange of the "certificat de cession" (cerfa N°15776*01) will be physically done the day of pick up?
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This will only be done by email, and use the date of when you received the money and send it to the government when the car leaves.

When should I take off the plates?
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You should take off the plates one day before the truck arrives.

What number of mileage should be written in the contract? Does it need to be the exact same number as used?
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It does not have to the exact same number as written in the car, but you should write the number that you expect to drive before taking off the plates.

Exceeding the the written number by 10-50 km can be okay, but only after an agreement with EV-Remarketing.

We prefer that all of our contracts are 100% correct in terms of kilometers driven, because you are added to our systems according to the information you have given.

The deal is only 100% confirmed, when we sign back the contract, because we have to check if there are any mistakes in the contract.

The contract can also be broken if the kilometer, or the model doesn't match the car you are selling. EV-Remarketing can always cancel the contract if any of the above is not complied with.

Which date to write on the contract of "cerf de cession"?
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The day you received the money.

At what level shall the battery be charged on the day of the pick-up?
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Around 80%

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