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How does the transportation work?

Truck with electric vehicles driving at night

At this point, you have signed the contract and provided all relevant information for us to proceed with the payment. From the earliest available pick-up date, as stated in the contract, and 1-10 days onwards, the truck will arrive to your given address. We will share the earliest pick-up date with the truck driver, whom will organize the best route to collect the 7 cars to fill it up. That means your car will be picked-up together with six other cars in a random priority.

We are operating with a third-party company that helps us pick-up the relevant electric cars along the way to Denmark. They only operate during the week in daytime hours, which means that someone (you, a friend or family) needs to be available to hand over the keys, registration papers, and the car to the truck driver.

The truck driver will not sign any documents. All signatures and stamps are handled by email between EV-Remarketing and the seller.

Once the truck driver has organised the pick-up route, we can anticipate when the truck is expected to arrive at your home, and we will communicate that you as soon as we know it, but it will not take place before you have received the payment. It is important that someone is at your home during the day that we have sent to you in advance. The truck driver will also call you one hour before he arrives to your address.

Sometimes problems like car congestions and traffic can cause the truck driver to be delayed one day, and we will communicate that to you if it might be the case. We try to make this process as easy as possible which requires you to collaborate with us in case the truck gets delayed. Please bare this in mind, and we hope to have your understanding. Luckily, this does not happen very often.

When the truck driver has arrived to your address, you hand over the car, and the truck driver drives the car onto the truck. In case any damages should occur to the car during the transportation, then EV-Remarketing will take responsibility for it, but if anything happens before the pick-up, it will be the sellers responsibility.

Note: That we are are sending the payment as soon as all documents are received and we start preparing the transportation. The payment will be received within 3 working days, and the transportation will take place 1-10 days after the payment has been received unless otherwise has been communicated in the contract.

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