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Service books in vehicle remarketing

Maximizing your EV's value through service books

The service book of your electric vehicle (EV) plays a crucial role in determining its market value and maintaining its factory warranty, especially for exported vehicles. A complete service history not only boosts the resale value but also reassures buyers of the vehicle's reliability.

Why service histories matter

  • Complete Service Records: Essential for maintaining the vehicle’s warranty and adding up to €2000 to your offer.
  • Trust and Value: Provides potential buyers with confidence in the vehicle's condition.

Missing service book?

If your service book is missing, we recommend reaching out to your local dealer or the previous owner to obtain it. Unfortunately, once the vehicle is exported, we cannot order a service book from the dealer on your behalf.

Requirements for a smooth valuation

  • Guarantee Proof: Validates the warranty, crucial for the next owner.
  • Service Stamps: Shows adherence to the servicing schedule, important for warranty validity.

Specific requirements by brand:

KIA / HYUNDAI: Service every 15.000KM / 1 year.

KIA EV6: Service every 30.000KM / 2 years.

HYUNDAI IONIQ 5: Service every 30.000KM / 1 year.

NISSAN / RENAULT: Service every 20.000KM / 1 year.

Megane e-tech: Service every 30.000KM / 2 years.

MG: Service every 24.000KM / 1 year.

DACIA: Service every 30.000KM / 1 year.

CITROËN / PEUGEOT / OPEL: Service every 12.500KM / 1 year.

FIAT: Service every 15.000KM / 1 year.

Submitting your service book

Ensure service stamps and invoices are clear in your photos to verify the vehicle’s maintenance history and secure the best offer.

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