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Sell your fleet (B2B)

Parking lot with electric vehicles

Dear Car Enthusiast,

EV-Remarketing has been buying electric car fleets since its origination in 2018, and it is one of our preferred ways of acquiring electric vehicles.

Over the years, we have been buying everything ranging from 5 to 250 cars simultaneously.

So, if you are a car group or a retailer with some electric vehicles on stock that you would like sell. Then you have reached the right place.

Please send us your electric car list in an excel file and specify the amount of cars we are talking about in the email. Remember to add what the lowest possible price you can accept for them. We will then make some calculations to see whether it makes sense for us and communicate our response within 48 hours.

Send your car list to our Purchasing manager Simon Hilligsø at

We will be looking forward to receiving your electric vehicles!

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