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Pick up process when selling your EV


Once the contract is signed, please expect the pickup of your vehicle to occur within a time frame of 1 to 15 business days.

Our pickups typically take place between 08:00 and 18:00

The following information outlines our pickup process, and the essentials we expect from the seller:

The designated driver will contact you approximately 60 minutes prior to arrival from a Lithuanian or French phone number. Kindly ensure you are prepared to provide the necessary documentation and items to the driver:

  • Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable located in the back trunk.
  • UMC charger / 220-volt charger in the back trunk.
  • Two keys to be handed over to the driver.
  • Registration paper (part 1 and 2) and the COC to be handed over to the driver.
  • Please refrain from leaving any invoices or contracts in the car or handing them to the driver.
  • We request the car to be reset to factory settings, ensuring it is as 'like new' as possible.
  • By signing the contract, you commit to ensuring the car is available and ready for collection at the agreed-upon pickup time

Please note that there is no need to print out the contract between yourself and EV Remarketing. We retain all contracts online for convenience and environmental responsibility.

I am not home at the delivery time. What do I do?

Additionally, we understand that some customers may not be able to be present during the pickup. For such situations, we offer the following advice:

The truck driver will call you 60 minutes before arrival, and due to operational costs running at 2000€ per day, we regret that the driver will not be able to wait. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that you, or someone on your behalf, is present when the truck arrives, considering that we have already incurred a 1000€ expense to facilitate the pickup of your car.

The representative handing over the car to the truck driver doesn't necessarily need to be you. A neighbor, a friend, a grandparent, or even a mature child can fulfill this role.

We kindly ask for your understanding as the driver has regulated driving hours, much like standard work hours.

We appreciate your comprehension of this logistical challenge and look forward to making the car selling process as smooth as possible for you with EV Remarketing.

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