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Making the payment happen

Truck loaded with electric cars

How do we value your car?

The valuation process is NOT automatic. It is a personal commitment behind every offer that we withstand. This means, that we are not giving you an estimated price, but committing to pay this exact amount from the day you receive it. It is structured like this in order for you and us to save time communicating back and forth, and rather make every step as efficient as possible.

1. Valuation

We value the price according to the market price in Denmark since we are reselling the car to retailers. This means that we offer the highest possible price accounting for transportation, the difference in VAT, and our internal expenses associated with administration.

At the same time, in order for our client retailers to sell your car at a profit, we need to sell it to them below the market price. The supply and demand within different countries cause a price difference that we try to alleviate.

You might get a higher price by selling your car privately, but that requires patience, negotiation efforts, time invested in preparing the car, logistics, and uncertainty. We offer a one-stop shop to sell your electric car effortlessly, quickly, and without having to leave to address.

2. Verification process

The price that we are offering is included in the contract that we will forward to you within 2-3 weeks after having received your request. In the contract, we ask you to fill out your personal information and car information and sign it if you accept the price. Together with the signed contract, we ask for three additional documents. A picture of your ID/Passport, your bank account details (IBAN/RIB), and a scan or picture of your registration papers.

3. Payment

These documents are essential to initiate the payment straight away. If the numbers and names do not overlap between the documents, we will not continue with the transaction. Once you have forwarded the signed contract together with the aforementioned documents, we will review your documents, and then send you back our signed version of the contract. After you have received our version, the sale is confirmed, and we will start organise payment and transportation. The payment will scheduled for you to receive it 1-2 days before the truck arrives.
The transaction will be made as an international bank transfer connected to the bank details that you provided. All the information about the transportation will be send by email, but expect the truck to come between 1-10 after the expected pick-up date.

The documents that we need

Below you will find the four types of documents that we need in order to process the payment. All the documents needs to be aligned, which means that names and numbers fit according to ownership of the car and bank details.

1) Contract

The contract is a binding agreement that needs to be signed by both parties before the sale is confirmed. Any deviation in the provided information and by the time of the pick-up, can make us cancel the contract or having to adjust the price.

2) ID/Passport

This document can be scanned or taken as a picture, but all information must be readable. We need to receive it in a pdf format.

3) Bank details (Relevé d'identité Bancaire / IBAN)

We need your IBAN or RIB details in a pdf format which will be the account the money is being sent to. The same person must also be the owner of the car.

4) Registration papers / Carte grise

This document must also be in a pdf format matching the information provided that you are the rightful owner of the car. You do not have to sign it as sold before the payment has been received. Once the car is being picked-up, you must leave the original in the glove compartment.

5) Picture of vin number and mileage

This is to verify that the VIN number written in the contract is aligned with the car you are selling and that the mileage written in the contract matches realized mileage. It does not have to be precise; 100-200km difference is okay. The mileage picture must be made of the display inside the car and NOT from the app.

6) COC (Certificate of conformity) - if possible

This document states all the necessary regulatory, technical, and safety specifications of the car which is received or can be requested from your car dealer.

7) Certificate de situation administrative détaillé

(This only applies to French registered vehicles)

The official document shows that the car has no debt and is not stolen. This is a guarantee for us to make sure that the car is ready to be imported to Denmark. How to get this document can be found in the link.

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