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How to take the perfect pictures of your car for EV Remarketing


At EV Remarketing, we require a series of pictures to accurately and fairly appraise your car. It's important to note that these images need to be clear, distinct and in high resolution. Poor quality pictures could result in a slower process, as we might need to ask you to retake and resubmit new images.

When capturing images, avoid direct sunlight both in front of and behind the camera. Direct sunlight facing the camera can lead to overexposed images, while sunlight behind the camera can cause the car to appear unclear. Both scenarios can make it difficult for us to accurately assess the car's condition, including identifying any dents or similar issues.

Here's a list of the pictures we require in order to give you the best price:

📸 Serial number: This is critical for confirming the exact make, model, and year of your car. Make sure this picture is especially clear to avoid any potential confusion.

📸 Odometer (kilometer counter): This is an essential picture, as it confirms the car's mileage, which is a major factor in determining the car's value.

📸 Tesla cars: Software page / tab. This shows the model, VIN-number and milage.

📸 Picture of charging cables

📸 Picture of tow hitch (applies to cars with tow hitch)

📸 Pictures of damages

📸 Charging port (no cable): A picture of the empty charging port helps assess its condition and compatibility.

📸 6 pictures around the car: These images should give us a good overview of the car's general condition. Make sure to take pictures from various angles and areas to showcase the entire car including license plate.

How to photo your car
How to photo your car
How to photo your car
How to photo your car
How to photo your car
How to photo your car

📸 Trunk: We want to see the condition of the trunk.

How to photo trunk

📸 Front seats: Images of the front seats can provide us with valuable information about the car's interior condition and usage.

How to photo front seats

📸 Back seats: Similarly, images of the back seats will let us evaluate wear and tear, and the overall condition.

How to photo back seats

📸 Steering wheel and display: A clear picture of the steering wheel and display allows us to check the condition of these vital elements and to confirm the car's features.

How to photo steering wheel and display

📸 Door handle: An often overlooked component, a picture of the door handle can reveal information about the car's usage and care.

How to photo door handle

📸 Sunroof (if relevant): If your car has a sunroof, please include a picture. It's a feature that could potentially increase the value of your car.

How to photo sunroof

📸 Service book: An image of the service book informs us about the car's maintenance history. (ALL CARS OTHER THAN TESLA)

Remember, investing a little extra time to capture high-quality images will streamline the process. With clear, high-resolution pictures, we can accurately assess your car's value and expedite your sale. The quicker we can understand your car's condition, the quicker we can get you the best possible offer.

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